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animalintex poultice
animalintex poultice dressing is a non-sterile poultice dressing for use on horses and dogs and can be used as a hot poultice dressing,cold poultice dressingand dry dressing/pressure padding . US+UK clients save $$$$


B Complex Injection 100ml
B-COMPLEX injection for the use in Vitamin-B complex deficiencies in horses,dogs and cats 100ml . US+UK clients save $$$$


Cetrigin Spray 500ml
CETRIGIN antibacterial wound spray with purple dye and insect repellents an antibacterial spray for use on open wounds in horses,cattle,sheeps,pigs,poultry and other animals . US+UK clients save $$$$


Chloramide Spray 500ml
chloromide antiseptic pump spray is for use in horses ,cattle ,pigs,sheep and dogs as an aid in the treatment of topical infection and bacterial skin diseases,wounds,cuts and abrasions. US+UK clients save $$$$


Debrisol Spray 500 ml
debrisol enzyme wound pump spray is an aid in removing pus,dead and decaying tissue from wounds ,ulcers abscesses and to promote growth of healthy tissue with minimum scarring in dogs ,horses,cattle pigs and sheep. US+UK clients save $$$$


deri-sal horse and cattle ointment is to assist in the healing of cracks ,soresand wounds . to prevent chapping and infections on cows teats and udders. US+UK clients save $$$$


Elastoplast Bandage
. Elastoplast bandage is super adhesive strength heavy weight elastic fabric for greater support porous for maximum comfort .US+UK clients save $$$$


Filta Bac
Filta bac antibactterial antiseptic and wound protection cream with sunfilter,for the use on dogs,cats horses,cattle,sheep and goats. US+UK clients save $$$$


Iodine Spray 500ml
iodin spray an aid in the treatment and prevention of skin infection caused by bacteria and fungi in dogs ,cats,horses ,cattle and sheep.indicated for wounds ,cuts abrasions,ringworm,skin infections,disinfection before surgery or injections,disinfection of the navel ,castrationand docking wounds . US+UK clients save $$$$


KOF-KONTROL epectorant and antitussive syrup for horses.A soothing cough elixir for the relief of non-productive coughs associated with common respiratory viral diseases and upperr airway irritations in horses. US+UK clients save $$$$


OUT OF STOCK Potties Green Ointment
Potties Green ointment is an antiseptic and antimvcotic skin dressing for horses and catttle to be used on skin irritations and ringworm. US+UK clients save $$$$


Potties White Ointment
Potties white ointment for treatment of wounds and burns in horses and cattle and cracked and sore teats in dairy cows. US+UK clients save $$$$


Rapigel / Isogel
rapigel muscle and joint relieving gel and should be rubbed into affected area at full strength,before and after workout . US+UK clients save $$$$


Vetwrap Bandage
vetrap bandaging tape at approximately 50% stretch.applying too tightly may cause impair circulation.apply last wrap with no tension;press firmly into place. vetrap tape should be removed and reapplied daily. vetwrap tape should not be applied directly over open wounds.vetwrap tape is100mm+4.5mm and it sticks to itself. US+UK clients save $$$$


Wound Klense 500ml
wound klense is a spray solution to aid skin and wound cleansing for cattle ,horses,dogs and cats. the organic acids in wound klense assist in the removal of necrotic tissue and debris from wounds .removal of damaged tissue promotes healing more rapidly and the regeneration of healthy tissue .propylene glycol is non-greasy and aids in preventing the drying out of tissue. US+UK clients save $$$$


Yellow Lotion
Yellow lotion antiseptic,astringent wound lotion for treating granulating wounds,girth gallls,inflamed bruises and srains,severe cuts and abrasions on horses. US+UK clients save $$$$


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